Introducing the Aviva Scholarship

Aviva is more than just an insurer, as we care about our customers and their families well beyond their insurance policies and investment account.

We want to identify outstanding Asian students with ambitions, and support them in their pursuit of higher education in the UK by covering 20% of tuition fees through the Aviva Scholarship.

We vividly remember the wonderful moments we had while studying in British universities, and we want you to experience this yourself.

If this aligns with your dreams, you are now just one step away from making your aspirations a reality. Simply apply for the Aviva Scholarship below and give us a chance to assist you in your next chapter in life.

Note: The assessment and selection of scholars are at the sole discretion of the participating universities, based on academic standards and other criteria as set forth in each university’s respective scholar assessment criteria statement. Aviva has no involvement and influence in the decision-making process. The nature of customers’ relationships with us is not a factor considered, and Aviva will not disclose any customer information to the universities.

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Why choose the Aviva Scholarship?

Prestigious financial institution-backed international programme as initiated by the UK’s largest insurer, Aviva – the only such scheme offered by British insurers.

Multi-university programme applicable to a broad range of courses, to allow for maximum flexibility in your academic pursuits.

Potential summer internships with Aviva, career counselling, and opportunities to be considered for our Global Graduate Programme.

It is fantastic to see two world leading UK sectors – higher education and insurance – come together to create a dynamic partnership that will offer scholarships to the brightest and best students in Asia to enable them to study in the UK. This innovative, collaborative approach is another great example of my desire to continue to build bridges between the UK and the rest of the world.

Jo Johnson,
Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

The Aviva Scholarship programme aims to support our customers and their children across six Asian countries to pursue higher education in 10+ UK universities. Please kindly check if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

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You or either one of your parents are a current Aviva customer holding an in-force policy or active investment managed by our companies in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, or Vietnam.

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You are a citizen in the country where the Aviva policy was purchased or investment account was managed, and will be classified as an overseas student in the UK.

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Your chosen universities and courses are covered by the Aviva Scholarship programme.

If you require any assistance in signing up for our policies, simply get in touch and we will be glad to help you get started.
Alternatively, click here to read more about the universities you are interested in.

As a British national champion, Aviva is proud to have this exclusive opportunity to work with 12 leading universities, to support students in their pursuits of knowledge and new life experiences in our home market.

Picture of Chris Wei Chris Wei,
Executive Chairman of Aviva Asia and Global Chairman of Aviva Digital

Aviva Scholarship application – key dates

6 September 2018
Applications officially open.
  • Application windows for university general admission applications (through UCAS or direct, for both undergraduate and postgraduate), as well as the Aviva Scholarship, officially commence.
  • Remember you need to apply for general admission first, then the scholarship. We encourage you to submit both in tandem and early on, so that the universities can evaluate both applications in parallel.
  • Scholarship applications submitted will be validated by Aviva. Upon confirmation of eligibility, these submissions will be sent to the respective universities and evaluated in tandem with candidates’ UCAS or direct-to-university applications.
  • Universities may reach out to applicants to request further information or arrange for interviews.
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15 January 2019
UCAS undergraduate application closes.
Scholarship applications for a majority of undergraduate courses should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 (UK time).
Please note that each individual applicant may only apply to a total of ten universities.
15 February 2019
Aviva Scholarship undergraduate application closes.
Scholarship application will close on 15 Feb 2019. Be sure to submit your applications before then!
February - June 2019
Universities notify applicants of undergraduate offers and scholarship decisions.
  • Applicants to hear from universities on the results of their general admission applications, and subsequently scholarships.
  • The dates as well as the gap between the decisions differ by university, depending on each institution’s internal processes.
31 July 2019*
Aviva Scholarship postgraduate application closes.

Scholarship application will close at the end of the last day of the month. Be sure to submit your applications before then!

* Some variations by university, please see each institution’s specific criteria in the How To Apply page.

February - August 2019
Universities notify applicants of postgraduate offers and scholarship decisions.
  • Applicants to hear from universities on the results of their general admission applications, and subsequently scholarships.
  • The dates as well as the gap between the decisions differ by university, depending on each institution’s internal processes.

The dates shown are for your reference and are approximate in nature. For queries regarding the status of your scholarship application, please refer to the UCAS website and the respective universities’ application schedules for more information.

Why study in the UK?

  • The UK has combined over 900 years of history in university education with modern pedagogy to emerge as a key player in 21st century academia.
  • British universities are among the very best in the world, consistently topping global ranking tables.
  • Degree qualifications from the UK are well-perceived and commonly recognized by employers and educational institutions worldwide.
  • British education is renowned for developing students’ practical thinking and job skills, enhancing their employability after graduation.
  • The UK is a diverse and multicultural country, offering an enriching life experience.
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